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Love ~ Home ~ Rest ~ Food ~ Play journal picture

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Stone, here. Everyone benefits from a mantra from time to time; we are cerebral creatures, after all.

An aside, as we write Zenful Life, the book (or the DIY manual) *chuckles* we thought to post on our blog twice-monthly. Or, kinda, sorta, about that frequency.

Kat: Exactly. Every couple of weeks feels like enough without overkill in our readers’ emails. Everyone can subscribe to get the latest posts.
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Stone: Back to the topic at hand…

I used to mountain bike. A lot. Sometimes in 110-degree heat. On a single-speed mountain bike. People thought I was nuts.

While biking in the middle of a blast-furnace summer a few years back, meditative thoughts kept popping into my head during the difficult uphill climbs: to take my mind off the pain in my muscles, the burning in my lungs.

I further trained my thoughts on to the essential factors of a zenful life…

Love came to mind first; it’s the most important thing to me. The day was hot. My body, tired. To keep my breaths even, I took three hard pedals, sucked in a deep breath, then exhaled the word love.

Next came Home. After love, my thoughts went directly to my wife, Kat, and where she was at…who she is to me: home.

Then I relaxed my mind to identify what other elements of life balanced me.

Rest…probably because my lungs were on fire and my muscles wanted to give out.

Food came to mind. After a big ride? My favorite Mediterranean café with a serious intake of protein.

Play: the reward after all the hard work, that downhill coast with the amazing view.

Eventually a mantra developed with those five words. While climbing uphill, with every third downstroke pedal came another near-breathless word:

Repeating each word in its mantra pattern brought a sense of calm when I needed it most.


Those five words are Zenful Life cornerstones to me…to us. They are the foundation of what brings balance in the midst of the chaos.

Over the years, riding those challenging trails, I realized all the facets of life fell into one or more of those five cornerstone categories.

Each of our posts from here forward will be marked in the upper left with its closest cornerstone category.

Got a mantra for balance and motivation? What’s yours?

Just a couple of Zenful Lifers,
~ Kat & Stone


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