Welcome to a Zenful Life

Zenful license plate, "The Search" journal, and travel items

Life is stressful, no doubt.

Our existence here on earth is, by nature, full of challenges, discomfort, worry…chaos.

What if we could also make it zenful?

Is it possible to gain internal balance amid the chaos?

That’s what our upcoming book, Zenful Life, and this Zenful Life blog, with snippets from the book, are journeying to discover.

What is a Zenful Life?

Good question. One we’ve been on a two-decade adventure to find answers for.

Over fifteen years ago, the made-up word ZENFUL went on our first vanity license plate. Not as any cool status we’d attained. More like as a state of being we yearned to have. And the moniker on our Ford F-150 served as a daily reminder of hope.

Kat: Why do they call them vanity plates?

Stone: People used to put their names on license plates. Calls more attention to their vehicle, I guess.

And so it did. Passersby would comment often, but not about the truck. “Love your plate,” they’d say.

Us too…

ZENFUL to us symbolized the perfect balance in life, a way to be calm amid all the stress and overstimulation.

What began as an ephemeral ideal stamped in metal and hung over the back bumper of our truck continued to be a conversation starter with us and others over the years.

And during those same years, as we researched and learned, our lives got a little more healthy, we gained a little more balance.

Until the beginning of 2017, when so many complex layers of the onion of life had peeled away, when simplicity and balance became a brightly glowing kernel in the center, we began to vibrate.

Everything became both easy and difficult.

And for the first time on our journey, we found ourselves getting in our own way. A lot.

So we decided to chronicle the road we’d traveled down, the potholes and speed bumps we’d negotiated, and the curves we’re still trying to master in our upcoming book Zenful Life.

We envision this blog, ZenfulLife.net, to be a wellspring of inspiration. A place to share glimpses of the journey as we write it, and for others to share their insights, as together we all search for a Zenful Life…

Kat: Hey, why don’t we all introduce ourselves.

Stone: *stares thoughtfully at Kat*

Kat: *laughs* Fine. I’ll go first. I’m a recovering Type-A, perfectionist, driven workaholic, burned out from the corporate world, successful-ish entrepreneur, romance novel author. I sometimes get bluesy in the afternoon, am a comfortable introvert by nature, and tend to be overcritical of myself.

Stone: I’m a much-mellowed adrenaline junky with special skill sets who’s currently addicted to dark-chocolate-covered espresso beans and quad-shot Americanos.

Kat: Oh, and I’m a little bit Asperger’s.

Stone: I’m a lot Asperger’s. I like to consider it my superpower.

Kat: *nods at Stone* Mmm-hmmm…like Big Bang Theory‘s Sheldon. Only you look like a surfer version of Harrison Ford meets Richard Gere.

Stone: *narrows eyes at Kat, then clears throat* Okay, enough about us…

Feel free to share if you’re in search of or have found your Zenful Life and tell us a bit about yourselves…

Just a couple of Zenful Lifers,
~ Kat & Stone


© 2017 by Kat Bastion and Stone Bastion