Downshifting into a State of Calm

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Slow is smooth…smooth is calm.

Stone here.

The phrase actually goes, “Slow is smooth…smooth is fast.” In law enforcement and military, it’s drilled into your psyche during firearms training.

Weapon in hand, arm extended, sights lined up, a sharp, steady, slow focus makes all the difference between clean shots, center mass and far-and-wide WTFs. The original mantra is meant to downshift us, removing the building panic that can overwhelm and trip us up, leading to mistakes–sometimes fatal ones.

Earlier this week, I lost patience with my computer–yes, I know, not exactly life or death–and rapid-clicked the damn slow mouse until the system froze. Frustrated, I took a deep breath, exhaled, then reminded myself, “Slow is smooth…smooth is calm.”

That’s my new mantra.

Focusing on a downshifting mantra helps us slow down and regain control in an instant. Typically, when it’s needed the most. A redirect into mindfulness.

What’s yours?

Just a couple of Zenful Lifers,
~ Kat & Stone


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