How to Holster Our Worry

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Worry is a dangerous weapon.

If we realize the extent of how worry sabotages our lives, kills our joy, we might be able to use worry to our advantage…but only when needed.

Are we able to shoot a gun at someone intruding into our private property?

Only if our life is in imminent danger.

Why should worry be any different?

We’re all guilty from time to time of immediately shooting down a great idea because of the million things that could go wrong. But what if none of them do? Are we willing to let a slight chance of something bad happening ruin all the happy if only the good happens?

We’ve developed a few tips on how we can learn to holster our worry:

  1. Be more self-aware of what a fleeting objection actually is. We’re trained how to protect. So anytime a new idea comes along, a protector plans for the worst and hopes for the best. Make those few negative observations just that, perhaps only a handful of a many more positive possibilities.
  2. Don’t allow bad-fantasies to overrun the potentiality for good. Visit the negative possibility for only a moment, then move on: Worry can be addictive. Rumination and anxiety release cortisol, causing an imbalance cascade. Learn to be seek euphoria instead.
  3. Find at least three positive reasons for the new idea, regardless of our fears of a negative outcome.
  4. Be supportive of ourselves and our loved ones. It’s okay to try something new and still have a negative outcome. Failure, experimentation, and perseverance are all wonderful experiences of life.
  5. Trust ourselves. Know that we’ll see the imminent danger before harm befalls us. Split seconds. That’s how fast we react to a saber-tooth tiger. Believe in our own evolution: we’ll know when to run.

Moments before typing this blog post, we found ourselves recklessly firing off with worry before we even realized we’d drawn the dangerous weapon. After self-awareness kicked in, we worked through the best ways to identify pitfalls, but focus on the good.

We hope the above tools will help all of us to be more aware, use greater care, and learn to be optimistic about new ideas before they get shot down without cause.

Just a couple of Zenful Lifers,
~ Kat & Stone


© 2018 by Kat Bastion and Stone Bastion