Finding Humanity in the Midst of Tragedy

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∞ Love


Our hearts are heavy today after another devastating mass shooting. Attending Sunday church, the unsuspecting victims ranged from the elderly to innocent babes.

There are no words. And yet we try to talk about it, make some sense out of the senseless, process the unthinkable so we don’t lose hope.

This month has been a particularly hard one in America. Just three weeks ago, the mass shooting in Las Vegas. And the terrorist attack with a vehicle in New York.

Devastation to human life caused by another human’s lack of compassion, loss of morality, or mental instability escapes our comprehension.

Yet loved ones — family members, friends, and neighbors — the larger community and our society are left to pick up the pieces.

Of the billions of people in the world, all it takes is one act of hatred to shift the fabric as a whole.

The opposite of hatred?


And really, it is one word that encompasses so much. Yet the love we share is the only control we have. We cannot predict these unthinkable acts, and we are powerless to prevent them, but we can come together in the wake of these tragedies to love and support one another.

Just a couple of Zenful Lifers searching for peace in our chaotic world,
~ Kat & Stone


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